Congratulations to NEW COUNTY GRASS, the First Prize Winners of the 2nd Annual Burr Oak Bluegrass Weekend Band Competition, hosted by Grammy Award Winning Bluegrass Veteran, Clay Hess this past weekend in Glouster, Ohio. As the winner, the band receives a free recording project with Clay at his studio in Ohio.

Kyle Estep of NCG, widely known for his singing and guitar picking in the Michigan/Indiana/Ohio region said "we've never won anything and decided to do this for fun, so we are just really excited and looking forward to recording with Clay!"

The band recently visited Nashville this past February for the SPBGMA festivities and had asked a fellow musician to introduce them to Melanie Wilson of Wilson Pickins Promotions, which has also lead to a new agency relationship further supporting their forthcoming release. Melanie said:

"I have became familiar with Kyle's skill and talents through other members of our team that have worked with him and played with him over the years and am so impressed with the dynamic within the New County Grass band. They have a connection between the members that is not only artistic but comes across as balanced in characteristic and personality from the stage. You can tell they have played together for a long time and just love doing it."

Everyone is looking so forward to the new music from New County Grass in 2018 and can't wait to see what the future holds for this energetic and entertaining band!



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